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St. Erin
02 juillet 2009 @ 23:53
So does anyone still read this thing? Because I totally fell of this website after I went to school, because SVA kicked my ass in new and creative ways which was all well and good but I didn't really have time or feel like writing long, whiny LJ entries to no one anymore. Also all college kids are required, by law, to be all into Facebook.

But, I'm not off LJ, as I still enjoy reading & participating in other peoples' LJs and especially communities (oh hey there pokemonathon) I just don't feel like updating this one anymore. Just don't. There you go.

But, I have a new blog. It's a semi-daily postings of whatever artwork I'm working on at the time. Right now it's mostly sketchbook stuff, but during the schoolyear I'm going to use it to keep track of the projects I'm doing for class & my ~*~artistic progress~*~ or whatever. Somewhat more personal, but if you're interested in my artwork and missed me all up in your internet feel free to follow along:


I don't know if/when I'll use this journal again for updating at the moment, but I'm still around for reading, posting comments & participating in communities. Feel free to PM me if you want to get in touch.

And there you go.

P.S. new portfolio website: http://www.skeletonzoo.com/
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St. Erin
02 septembre 2008 @ 23:22
So I'm in New York City now...all moved into my little 10x8 single dorm at SVA (it has its own bathroom I will never complain) I went through orientation last week (it was throughly silly but maybe I could've been a little more social) I keep my own house, make my own food, look after my on finances and I even went to my first class today and got homework. But still the whole experience doesn't feel real not like I'm really here really going to college living in this room until May. I don't know when it will feel real (I get mail in my own name? Start my work-study job? Buy cooking gear? Do my laundry?) but I keep on vaguely waiting for that moment. Life is strange.

Some more miscellaneous information:

Classes: Visual Computing on Tuesdays, Drawing I on Wednesdays, Painting I & Drawing on Location on Thursdays, World Art I on Fridays.

New York City is pretty intimidatingly large and also expensive. And I am taking an inordinate amount of pride in every time I go somewhere without getting horribly lost (the best so far is going to IKEA in Brooklyn--two different subway lines and a bus!)

So far, the main things I miss about Portland is the familiarity and my boyfriend (terribly) I wonder when/if I will get truly homesick.

Enough of that...have the next three pages of The Bone Collectors:

Eight, Nine, TenRéduire )

And there you go.
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St. Erin
20 août 2008 @ 10:56
Tomorrow, Thursday the 21st, very early in the morning I will be leaving Portland, Oregon. First I will go to Washington, D.C., then on Saturday the 23rd I shall make my way up to New York City where I shall move into my dorm.

I will be a freshman cartooning major at the School of Visual Arts. I picked that school out for myself when I was a freshman in high school, and attended a pre-college program there the summer between sophomore and junior years. It feels very, very unreal that I am about to start really attending that school for undergrad. I can't believe it.

I also, in some small way, don't know if I made the right choice anymore.

I suppose I will begin learning so on Saturday.

(P.S. I do have the high-resolution raw scans of all of The Bone Collectors now its just a matter of finding time to post them, if you care).
St. Erin
12 août 2008 @ 15:14
Two more pages for you, dearest internet friends! Really sometimes I'm not sure which parts of this comic are hazy memories, or dreams, or wishes, or things that really happened (as real as fiction can be) or in what order they happened in, even though I made it and all that.

this one has a ~*~DINOSAUR~*~Réduire )

ALSO, why not have some bonus Sandman fanart? I recently rented all the books I don't own from the library and reread the whole series...I still really like it...what we need is more good comics in this world (not peace or an end to hunger or poverty or a cure for killer diseases, nooo).

Some Endless and a dogRéduire )

Now I have to go to the bank to make sure someone isn't trying to steal my identity, what fun!
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St. Erin
31 juillet 2008 @ 16:56
FINALLY more of "The Bone Collectors".

And a page five, tooRéduire )

A few days ago I saw, at about 1AM, two people having sex on the sidewalk adjacent to a bus stop about a block from the apartment complex where I live. I have no idea how to mentally process that one.
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St. Erin

*Against all odds, I got a 7 out of 7 on the International Baccalaureate Visual Arts Higher Level exam!! I know that's hard to understand if you don't have any experience with IB Art, but from my understanding it is very, very rare to get a 7: I believe I'm the first from my school to score a 7 in art. Especially when you consider that I did everything in less than half the time most students have to prepare for the Higher Level test--you should take the class for two school years and work through the summer in between, I just took IB Studio Art and IB Art History at the same time senior year. The only thing that kind of sucks is for all my hard work (and a permanent? injury to my drawing wrist), all I really get are hard to fathom bragging rights :/ At least the art department of LHS will have someone to brag about/slides of my art and RWB to scare potential test-takers with.

*I finished the storyboards I was doing and actually got a good response from the production company, which is awesome because I was kinda nervous and they're a pretty big/well known so...yay! I'll be getting a check soon and something new for my résumé.

*I volunteered at the Portland Art Museum, helping with a class of 3-5 year olds learn about the very basics of art (this was all part of special program for teens I did there senior year). I wonder why at just about every art class I have been in/volunteered at the students are overwhelmingly female, yet both historically and probably still today successful artists are mostly male?

*Went to the zoo with boyfriend-unit on the 3rd. Here are some sketches:

Spotted owls that were very still until some took a picture of them with flash :/

More animals and rambling that maybe you shouldn't read?Réduire )
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St. Erin
02 juillet 2008 @ 23:51
I'm in a weird transitional phase right now and I don't know what to do with myself.

Everything is messed up...sleep, art, love, motivation, sex...all a big mess.

Art therapy time: a Baku painting to hang above my head as I sleep. Baku are Japanese monsters that eat nightmares. Lately I have vague nightmares lapping at my subconscious.

And then I let my mind vomit up whatever imagery it wanted in my sketchbookRéduire )

Lifedrawing at the zoo tomorrow with my boyfriend <3
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St. Erin
The cover page again, cut for horrible horrible breastsRéduire )

pages 2 & 3 tooRéduire )

Other things:
*I have a job sort of? I'm a storyboarder for a production company now, doing the storyboards for the video projects my father produces. I'm not sure about the pay vs. a part-time service industry minimum wage things I was looking at, but I guess this is better to have on my résumé in the long run. No one was going to hire a two-month worker anyways.
*The weather in Portland has been down in the fifties lately, rainy and windy too. It feels like winter, this is not right. Where is my summertime and short dresses and sleeping in the sun?
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St. Erin
05 juin 2008 @ 21:23
So last night I put on this ridiculous red gown, walked across a stage, and was handed a diploma, then I moved a tassel to the other side of my equally ridiculous hat. That's it. I graduated high school. I'm done.

I'm not really sorry to see it go. I only started attending Lincoln my junior year--much too late for someone like me to form the friendships and bonds with classmates, organizations, teachers and clubs really necessary to make graduating high school some sort of great tragedy of separation and missed memories. In fact, all of these senior events in the last two weeks or so have done little more but make me feel uncomfortable, to remind me of just how much I didn't belong there. I did win the "Outstanding IB Art Student" awardthingy this year, which is nice as I really enjoyed my teachers and worked hard in all my artstuff this year. But yeah. I'm going to miss a few people and things (sniff boyfriend why do you have to go to Scotland for school?!) but I know being at the SVA will be a million times better for me than all this rot so ~oh well~.

And that's that. Now it is time for Operation: Find a Summer Job in a Bad Economy with Minimal Qualifications So I Can Buy Art Supplies and Food (In That Order) in New York.

Also! About that comic I did for my senior project I mentioned a few entries ago. Well, it is done. Here is what it looks like:

Yeah, but I don't feel like its done. I rushed to get it done in the end due to poor time management, so I omitted two pages and several others look awful, so I'm redoing them. They're all at the beginning (around pgs 4-12) but I'll start serializing pages about 3-5 at a time here soon anyways, just expect some lag at the beginning. Also for a teaser here is the cover:

behind a cut due to the horror of female nipplesRéduire )
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St. Erin
28 mai 2008 @ 21:13
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St. Erin
Somethings that happened recently:

*I've decided on which college to go to. Next fall I begin studying Cartooning at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

*On the sixth of April I turned eighteen. As is customary for someone reaching the age of majority in the USA, I spent way too much to the day in sex & porn shops and smoking and registering to vote.

*On Saturday was the IB Art Show. The seven students testing this year (myself included) set up our artwork in a gallery, firstly so during the orals the examiner could look at everything (My examine went very well, too well I feel, as so much of it was taken up by the examiner patting me on the back and saying how great I was instead of me explaining my Very IB Ideas) and we had a reception thingy so all our friends and family could come and see and make you feel awkward.

It was nice, I guess. I got lots of flowers and people kept on wanting to tell me about how much they liked my art and some of them even mention their children (other students in my class) talking about me which made me feel kind of uncomfortable in this weird way I always feel when someone makes a deal out of my artwork. Here are some photos of my wall:

warning these photos are kinda terrible and blurryRéduire )

*I really don't care about high school anymore and I am so, so ready for it to be over. Occasionally the weather is amazingly springlike and sunny (not yesterday, it snowed) which just compounds the issue. I just want to go to the parks and draw and read good books and sleep in the grass with Samuel. Not tests and worksheets and classes that fall apart.

*One of the few things about school that still excites me is my senior project in Art. I'm making a 30 page-ish comic. I don't want to give too much away as I'll be posting the pages in batches here as I complete them. Here is some concept art of the main characters:

Their names are Ophelia and Maxwell. That is what happen when you make creative decisions based on things on your desk.
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St. Erin

I haven't written here because for the past four weeks I have marched walked awkwardly stumbled through the last push for getting all of my nonsense for International Baccalaureate Studio Art Higher Level (mouthfull, isn't it?) done and turned in and away by the 17th. Twelve projects completed and documented, forty scanned workbook pages, and a 300 word statement to enlighten the whole mess--a body of work that should've taken two years to complete I did in about seven months. I am an idiot, yes. Anyways it was very hard and stressful and painful (in all actuality--my drawing wrist was sprained) and you don't really want to hear me whinge about it, so I will leave you with this: never again.

Also, if you dear reader so desire, I organized all of the artworks I turned in to IB on my silly DA account. You may view them here.

I'm not really sure what to do with myself anymore, now that this--easily the bulk of my schoolwork--is off my shoulders. On Thursday I wandered off to participate in Portland's student walkout in protest of the Iraq War. It was very interesting to watch, and to wonder exactly, do you really think you are doing great deeds by chanting anti-war sentiments at an old church, a river, a city hall full of officials that are on record not supporting this war? And never have I seen such a concentration of Beatles shirts. Strange, strange. And then on Friday I skipped part of school again to see Obama give a speech. That man is truly an inspiring orator.

On Saturday I forwent politics and made a hat. A few months back I had won two silver keys in Scholastic, and the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts offered free one-day workshops to the winners of keys, so I took advantage. So I spent the day taking a ball of wool, agitating it into felt, then pulling it into a hat-shape--more labor-intensive than I would have believed. Here is a image of me looking silly wearing my new hat:

I like it, it reminds me in some strange way of something you would see worn in a National Geographic spread about some obscure culture tucked far away in this Earth still living in the traditional way, but slowly fading. I think when it is done drying I will add some shiny metal baubles around the brim. And then, after my foray into haberdashery, I got lost in the woods with my boyfriend. And for much of today, I have not had anything to do, and I did not know what to do with myself.

I am just fidgeting about college. I did ultimately get into everywhere I applied--SVA, RISD, PNCA, Parsons, University of Oregon--and now it is just a matter of getting all of the award packages in my hands, and making my decision.

Fingers crossed...
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St. Erin

I'm a second semester senior in an American high school now, and all that entails, mostly the wanting-to-give-up bits and some of the wandering-off-to-buy-coffee-and-the-teacher-doesn't-care bits, too.

I practically squeezed my brains of their working-juice to get the grades I got last semester, so I'm laying low now. Quit band for the umpteenth time since I started the whole fiasco at nine. Just did my IB English Oral on Aunt Jennifer's Tigers, which I can't believe I spent twelve minutes talking about ("men are evil!" "rah rah feminism!" "express yourself through art!"), and now I'm just peacefully allowing Virginia Woolf to befuddle me. Everything else is kind-of on "meh" status until after I hand over my artstuff to IB in late March, which is impossibly daunting. Glass to fuse, wood cuts to print, people to convince to let me take photos of them wearing these silly Egyptian god masks, all that.
More of myself looking ludicrous, both with the masks and my mundane adventuresRéduire )
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St. Erin
24 janvier 2008 @ 21:47
I really feel like procrastinating right now so, dearest internet reader-you, here are some awful photos of my latest IB Art Studio project. Its a "playset" based around significant animal spirits from different Native American mythologies. Or just an excuse to sculpt and paint really cute animals.

Excuse the gross colours and glares, I did these photos inside under artificial light because outside photograph is just not my friend right now.

Close-Ups of the Animal ToysRéduire )

Finals week is next week. For the first time like ever I'm missing stuff/not getting great grades (?) in most of my classes. I can't believe that I'm this completely burnt out and its barely the end of first semester, ughh. The other day I had a two-hour long panic attack for no reason. This is getting ridiculous. But maybe cute animals will make it all better...?
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St. Erin
20 janvier 2008 @ 19:47

I'm sick; I've had some sort of horrible head cold for going on two weeks-ish now. Because I'm sick, schoolwork does not always happen in a timely manner. Because schoolwork gets done late I need to stay up late to finish it, and the sleep deprivation makes me feel sicker. Because I get sicker, schoolwork doesn't get done because I feel terrible...etc, etc...vicious cycle, truly.

But hey who cares if the semester ends on January 31st and at the same time Parson's complicated application is due and I am way too sick and way too panicky, because those pandas I drew at the National Zoo sure are cute!

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